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Sponsorship Form

You can help out directly with life changing environmental and humanitarian work through your donation to Developing World Solar. Developing World Solar is 501(c) (3) Non-profit organization. All donations are tax deuctable.


Name: ________________________________________________


Mailing Address:_________________________________________








$90       You will able to support donation of solar light for 3 refugee families.


$100     You will fund a solar water pasterizer to insure safe drinking water for a family.


$400     You will provide a family with a Blazing Tube Hybrid Solar Cooker.


$3,000  You will supply a village with 6 Solar water pasteurizers and 6 Blazing Tube Hybrid Solar Cookers.


$5,000  Supplies a village with 10 Solar water pasteurizers and 10 Blazing Tube Hybrid Solar Cookers.


$10,000  You can support a Refugee camp with 25 Blazing Tube Hybrid Solar Cookers.


$100,000 You can provide multiple villages with various Solar Systems.

Please make check payable to 

Developing World Solar

Please include this form 

with your check.

Mail to: 

DWS, 4882-4 Kilauea Ave., Honolulu, Hi 96816

Email your questions to

Please print this page or print PDF Sponsorship Form and include form with your check.

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