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How to Help


You can help out directly with this important environmental and humanitarian work by donating to DWS. The money you pledge toward this important work is fully tax-deductible.


$90 will support the direct donation of a Solar Light to a 3 refugee family.

$100. will fund a solar Water Pasteurizer unit to insure safe drinking water.  

$400. gift will provide a family with a BlazingTube Hybrid Solar Cooker.

For those supporters with greater means, whole villages can be supplied with various solar systems with donations of $3,000., $5,000. and $10,000. DWS normally has donated an averaged of nearly $200,000. worth of solar equipment per year.

  Developing World Solar has operated for years on a limited budget exclusively used to place solar technology in developing countries. Voluntary staff and free office space have insured that the maximum impact be achieved on communities in West Africa. The success of this strategy has led to the depletion of finite personal funding, and the need to reach out for additional support.



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